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Development of Land/Air Space entrusted to the Authority on sound commercial principles for generation of non-tariff revenue and creation of assets for Indian Railways.
To emerge as India's leading Public Land Development Authority.
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  Corporate Objectives:
  • Total dedication and commitment to the Corporate Mission
  • Redevelopment of Railway Station buildings, staff colonies and other Railway infrastructure along with generation of revenue through innovative use of land resources.
  • Develop expertise in consultancy, construction and management services in the field of real estate.
  • Developing sound commercial models of development and implementing projects on the model that assures highest revenue return with adequate safeguards.
  • Constantly striving to standardize the development process and the financial and legal documentations.
  • To develop the Railway land/air space following sound architectural principles in synergy with existing surroundings and State urban development norms.
  • Involving private sector, PSUs and other Central/State Government bodies as partners towards achieving its Corporate Mission.
  • Maintaining full transparency in all decisions and transactions.
  • To have a lean, efficient, accountable and effective organization.
Circular for MFCs- for bringing utilities

Circular for MFCs- MFCs are operational buildings of railway and role duties in development of MFCs